apply to AiR: the MobileCoin Artists in Residency program

MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency you can use every day to pay for anything while protecting your privacy and data from prying eyes. We are working on the future of digital payments.

MobileCoin is also an avid supporter of the Arts. Beyond being a privacy-focused payments company, we believe that the act of creation requires privacy. MobileCoin has created a platform, MobileCoin Radio, in which we offer a safe space for creators to manifest their art, be it audio, digital, spoken, visual or otherwise. We also have a budding Artist in Residence program and collaborate with various independent and established brands on new ideas and designs.

Please fill out this short form if you are interested in participating in the Visual Artist Residency.


  • Must be a professional artist or an art student with at least 3 years of experience.
  • Must have an artist website.
  • Must have an active Instagram.
  • Must be self driven and excited about contributing to the formation of culture.

We will reach out if your candidacy is shortlisted, if you do not hear from us in two weeks that means another applicant was selected at this time. Please Do reapply when you have a new body of work on your website and/or Instagram.

Thank you for your interest and your contributions to the cultural fabric of our zeitgeist!

the artists

Anthony Orozco

Anthony Orozco is a graphic designer and illustrator from San Jose, Costa Rica. His conceptualization process emphasizes experimenting with and personifying shapes to create unique character designs. He is also a fan of typefaces and merging them with illustration, exploring space and composition while keeping the color palette as reduced as possible. His works aim to maintain a geometric structure minimizing details without losing the essence of the piece. He believes that the most important thing in design and illustration beyond aesthetics is functionality, and that the best design is the one that can convey an idea in the simplest and most effective way.

Zoriana Sand

Zoriana Sand is an 18 year old artist from San Francisco, CA.  She uses a strong foundation of traditional art, often combining it with various digital techniques, to raise awareness for causes near and dear to her heart: environmental justice, voter rights, and promoting sustainable and eco-conscious companies such as MobileCoin. Her work can be purchase at  100% of profits are donated.  A San Francisco resident since birth, she will soon depart to start a dual degree program with Tufts University and the Museum School.

Tracy Piper

The Tracy Piper (b. Oakland, CA, 1987) is a female-identified, contemporary painter based in San Francisco, CA. Best known for her vibrant portraits and figurative acrylic paintings, Piper depicts challenging social justice issues in an abstract-realist style. She has shown at SCOPE and SELECT in Miami, FL; stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA; SCOPE New York, NY; and exhibits internationally. In 2017 Tracy competed on the GSNTV show “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” and emerged victorious! Most recently, Tracy completed seven murals in the Bay Area to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and promote community safety during COVID-19. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from California College of the Arts and is represented by Voss Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Marc Wagenseil

Marc Wagenseil (@_leaf_litter) is an artist and designer currently in Oakland, CA. His work explores the natural and surreal to create compelling, unique illustrations. With an interest in large scale public art and environmental conservation, his art aims to cultivate wonder and to promote meaningful causes.