MobileCoin Radio: Dirty Beetles Takeover


This Wednesday, October 13th, join us at the Dirty Beetles takeover of the MobileCoin Radio stream featuring El Papachango, Bósa, Ejagz b2b Lushbunny, and Lou E. Bagels To get in on the action, join us over on MobileCoin Radio’s website or at Twitch starting 12 PM PDT (Los Angeles) / 8 PM BST (London)

MOBot is still on vacation, so there won’t be an Air Drop this week, but they’ll be back really soon.

Artist Bios:

El Papachango


Argentinian Dj sensation, El Papachango has been at the forefront of the West Coast Bass music scene since co-founding the legendary performance and avant-garde production crew, El Circo in 2002. He brought with him a love of music from South America that he blends with west coast underground beats to create a groove that is unique and infectious wherever he goes. His sound is characterized by sexy, soulful banging Global Bass fusion, with a Latin sazon that is quintessential to his name. He has headlined the biggest Festival stages across US and Canada, such as Lightning In Bottle, Shambhala, Bass Coast, Symbiosis, and Burning Man, to name a few. The past year his performances have proven to be exceptionally electrifying since touring as a duo with live vocalist Dakini Star.

Coupled with the blazing vocals of Dakini Star this duo is sure to deliver a scintillating and undeniably unique performance that will leave audiences wanting more!!!

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A sonic merger of the primal and the refined, blending methodically composed electronica with world inspired live percussion. Utilizing globally sourced field recordings from their travels as independent musicians, Producers Stephan Jacobs and Sunev have crafted a sound that pushes the boundaries of house music. 

The Bósa vibe is one of evocative contrast; the marriage of driving low frequencies and euphoric soundscapes, woven together seamlessly with ancestral percussion -Bósa is a sound all its own.

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DJ Tanner

Pedro Le Bass


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Lou E. Bagels

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