privacy is the new celebrity

Conversations and stories exploring the intersection between tech and privacy. Produced by MobileCoin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency with sustainable encryption.

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Ep 6 - Tony Nguyen on Combating Misinformation, Privacy in the Army, and His Family's Escape from Saigon

2021/09/09 22:00

Ep 5 - Jon Swartz on Anti-trust Legislation and the Consequences for Big Tech

2021/08/26 20:00

Ep 4 - Isis Agora Lovecruft on Cryptography, Bending Numbers, and Being Chased by the FBI

2021/08/12 18:00

Ep 3 - Michal Kosinski on the Consensuality of Data and the Responsibility of Big Tech

2021/07/28 21:00

Ep 2 - Peter Eckersley on AI Ethics, Encrypting the Internet and What's at Stake

2021/07/14 19:00

Ep 1 - Ramez Naam on Drones, AI, and the 4th Amendment

2021/06/30 18:00