the act of creation requires privacy.

We need private space to transform inspiration into narrative and form. MobileCoin Radio is a place for artists to share their creations with the world, in hopes that our shared struggle with the human condition inspires a heightened exploration of our cultural landscape and of ourselves.

MobileCoin Radio is programmed by Mark Kingsley. A consummate professional, Mark has been working in content creation and production for over 20 years doing audio and video engineering while performing his craft as an electronic musician and visual artist. Originally from Boston, Mark made his way out to Los Angeles many moons ago. There he’s been performing and designing experiences that delight while simultaneously asking us to pause and marvel at our world.

MobileCoin founder Joshua Goldbard had this to say: “Mark is an incredible artist. We feel privileged to offer him a space to curate content with our community. It’s our hope that MobileCoin Radio can create a place to host conversations in the form of visual and auditory performance, while also hosting debates about the topics at the forefront of digital privacy and Internet freedom in the 21st century. We’re excited to see how this evolves over time.”

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