Friends & Family ft. LMNOP


MobileCoin Radio presents our Friends & Family stream, hosted by Da Moth, where we feature different DJs from various genres every week. February 9th we will be highlighting LMNOP!


Tune in and vibe out with some tunes followed by a live interview!

Zach Schwartz (LMNOP) the self-taught instrumentalist and producer from Los Angeles, has always had a very personal relationship with music. Growing up in the eclectic Los Angeles music scene, he derives his sound from his hometown, with a feeling in his music of the ever-present desire to be transported back in time to his childhood.

November 19th marks the release of LMNOP’s debut full-length album with Dome of Doom, Alphabet Soup Vol. 1. It’s a quick return for the Los Angeles native, presenting a full body of work after April’s Trash EP (Space Yacht). The two-part series kicks off with an eclectic set of dynamic tracks infused with supplanted songwriting and forward-thinking experimentation.

“Alphabet Soup represents the multi-genre artist that I am. I thrive working collaboratively and truly enjoy storytelling and giving artists the space to tell their stories. That being said, Alphabet Soup Vol. 1 is a collection of some of my favorite tracks that I’ve made (instrumental and songs). I don’t feel like these songs particularly go together in any order or consistent theme, which is why the Alphabet Soup is the perfect metaphor for this collection. I’ve been wanting to put out a full-length record for a few years and had so much material that I wanted to release, so I decided to do two volumes; 13 tracks on each volume; 26 tracks all together that represent all the letters of the alphabet. After all, my artist name is the best part of the alphabet, “LMNOP”!

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