MOBot Goes Open Source, Gifts MOB to UK MobileCoin Radio Listeners.


The MobileCoin Foundation has just announced that MOBot, the chatbot that sends and receives MOB on the Signal private messaging network, is officially going open source this Friday, July 30th, 2021, on GitHub.

Head over to the official MobileCoin Foundation Blog for the full story.

Speaking of MOBot, that cute little buddy will be slinging gift MOB to the first 100 UK listeners to tune in to this week’s MobileCoin Radio’s live stream featuring dela Moon, Sinistarr, Anna Morgan, ADMRL, Rebellion, and K!NGS. It’s happening Friday, July 30th at 1 PM PST (Los Angeles) / 9 PM BST (London)

For more information about how the Air Drop works or how to get a MobileCoin wallet, head over to the MobileCoin Foundation’s post.