Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 13: Josh Rosenthal


On this episode, we’re doing things a little differently. MobileCoin Presents: The Crypto Renaissance! On December 10th, 2021, MobileCoin hosted a conference at a repurposed masonic temple in San Francisco, featuring a lineup of talks and panels exploring the cryptographic revolution. Today on the podcast, we’re featuring a talk by Josh Rosenthal, a medieval history professor turned venture capitalist. Josh explores the dramatic changes the world experienced during the 14th-century renaissance, how Martin Luther’s printing press created a memetic revolution, and why historians will look back at our current time as the next major historical renaissance.

Josh Rosenthal’s talk is followed by a short interview with MobileCoin CEO and Founder Josh Goldbard. Josh Goldbard asked about privacy in the middle ages, and Josh Rosenthal explained how privacy didn’t exist. The tool of control that was used was anti-privacy, specifically through contracts. If you wanted to own something or keep something private, a physical contract that could be taken away just as quickly as it was given was necessary.

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