Spotlight: Marc Wagenseil, Artist in Residence at MobileCoin


Meet Marc, MobileCoin Artist in Residence and true nature enthusiast.

Q: Who is Marc Wagenseil in a nutshell?

A: I am a relaxed and outdoorsy person, having a brief dalliance with fast-paced city life. Words can be limiting — it would be so much easier to show you in a picture! Here are a few images that represent who I am:

Q: What’s the inspiration for your art?

A: The inspiration for my art is largely in the systems found in nature. I look for things that have internal symmetry and a natural order that arise from their own internal properties. It invokes in me the feeling of wonder and the sense of something greater.

Q: How would you describe your artistic style?

A: My style approaches something like Psychedelic Art Nouveau. I try to combine the intrinsic beauty of natural elements with something of our own human emotion and exploration.

Q: How did you cultivate your current style?

A: Just as anyone does, I began by observing things I like, but mostly by having moments of complete baffling wonder observing things in nature and wishing I could translate that into something else. I once heard a great phrase: Style is your ability plus a deadline. It always comes down to how much energy and creativity I can put in something before having to send it away.

Q: How does privacy play into how you develop and share your art?

A: Any great interesting artistic venture starts in a really private place. It’s impossible to have a truly open discussion or intimate exploration if you think you’re being observed or overheard. I believe that privacy is essential for real and honest artistic exploration.

Q: What change are you hoping your art will have on the world?

A: I hope my art brings some joy and delight to the world. I want to share this sense of wonder at the natural world, and I hope my art makes people more curious and engaged with nature: People deserve to be surprised and delighted. Through bringing natural beauty to an urban environment, people become more engaged and more likely to care about the world.

Q: Any last thoughts?

A: Being a MobileCoin Art Resident has been an amazing opportunity to work with a great team. It’s truly wonderful to work alongside people that have a privacy-driven mission to change the world and who genuinely care about the arts. I hope to work with the technical team to help the MobileCoin vision become a reality.

. . .

You can find Marc’s art on Instagram, and on our MobileCoin Radio show every Friday at 1pm PST (Los Angeles) / 9pm BST (London).

For more info on the MobileCoin Art Residence, click here.