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MOBot en Paris

MOBot is Still on Vacation

MOBot, the open-source payment chatbot, has been helping Signal users transact with MOB during the MobileCoin Radio live stream events. After many successful Air Drops, tests, and refinements, MOBot is finally getting some well-deserved R and R. Worry not, though; your favorite little chatbot will...


Privacy is the New Celebrity Ep 7: Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

In this episode, MobileCoin’s Lucy Kind interviews Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, a refugee of the Iraq Civil War, whose life’s work is facilitating the freedom of information and knowledge in authoritarian nations in the Middle East. Faisal shares his experience growing up under the regime of...


Privacy is the New Celebrity Ep 6: Tony Nguyen

In this episode, MobileCoin CEO Joshua Goldbard interviews Tony Nguyen, the founder of the American Young Leader Exchange (AYLX), an organization that provides free cultural exchange experiences for high school students. Through his work with AYLX, Tony thinks deeply about how information silos are...


Privacy is the New Celebrity Ep 5: Jon Swartz

In this episode, MobileCoin’s Chief Product Officer Henry Holtzman interviews Jon Swartz, senior reporter at Marketwatch covering the biggest players in tech. Jon lays out the incoming wave of anti-tech legislation that is currently winding its way through the government… buckle up, there are some...


Privacy is the New Celebrity Ep 4: Isis Agora Lovecruft

In this episode, Josh Goldbard interviews Isis Agora Lovecruft. Isis is a non-binary cryptographer known for developing Tor and the dalek cryptography library. They share their experience growing up with hacker parents and using math as a tool to cope with mental health challenges. Isis describes...


MOBot Goes Open Source, Gifts MOB to UK MobileCoin Radio Listeners.

The MobileCoin Foundation has just announced that MOBot, the chatbot that sends and receives MOB on the Signal private messaging network, is officially going open source this Friday, July 30th, 2021, on GitHub. Head over to the official MobileCoin Foundation Blog for the full story. Speaking of MOBot...


Privacy is the New Celebrity Ep 3: Michal Kosinski

In this episode, MobileCoin Director of Marketing Lucy Kind interviews Michal Kosinski, a professor of psychology researching artificial intelligence and the risks it poses to privacy. Michal tells us about his ties to Cambridge Analytica and what action he took when they became synonymous with the...


Privacy is the New Celebrity Episode Two: Peter Eckersley

In episode 2, MobileCoin’s Chief Product Officer Henry Holtzman interviews Peter Eckersley, a leading thinker on AI ethics. Peter and Henry discuss the challenges in shifting from machine learning algorithms that purely serve the interests of capitalism to AI and tech that benefit the user and society...


Privacy is the New Celebrity – Episode One: Ramez Naam

In the inaugural episode of Privacy is the New Celebrity, host Joshua Goldbard talks with American technologist, clean energy advocate, and author of the Nexus Trilogy, Ramez Naam. They discuss the history of U.S. privacy policy, the current state of privacy rights, and the future of surveillance...


Spotlight: The Tracy Piper, MobileCoin Artist in Residence

Meet The Tracy Piper, our MobileCoin Art Resident inspiring change with her hyper-pigmented paintings and murals. Q: Who is The Tracy Piper in a nutshell? A: I am a female-identifying fine artist that believes that art has the power to change the world. I am best known for my paintings, murals, and...