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Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 3: Michal Kosinski

In this episode, MobileCoin Director of Marketing Lucy Kind interviews Michal Kosinski, a professor of psychology researching artificial intelligence and the risks it poses to privacy. Michal tells us about his ties to Cambridge Analytica and what action he took when they became synonymous with the...


Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 2: Peter Eckersley

In episode 2, MobileCoin’s Chief Product Officer Henry Holtzman interviews Peter Eckersley, a leading thinker on AI ethics. Peter and Henry discuss the challenges in shifting from machine learning algorithms that purely serve the interests of capitalism to AI and tech that benefit the user and society...


Privacy is the New Celebrity – EP 1: Ramez Naam

In the inaugural episode of Privacy is the New Celebrity, host Joshua Goldbard talks with American technologist, clean energy advocate, and author of the Nexus Trilogy, Ramez Naam. They discuss the history of U.S. privacy policy, the current state of privacy rights, and the future of surveillance...


Spotlight: The Tracy Piper, MobileCoin Artist in Residence

Meet The Tracy Piper, our MobileCoin Art Resident inspiring change with her hyper-pigmented paintings and murals. Q: Who is The Tracy Piper in a nutshell? A: I am a female-identifying fine artist that believes that art has the power to change the world. I am best known for my paintings, murals, and...


Spotlight: Marc Wagenseil, Artist in Residence at MobileCoin

Meet Marc, MobileCoin Artist in Residence and true nature enthusiast. Q: Who is Marc Wagenseil in a nutshell? A: I am a relaxed and outdoorsy person, having a brief dalliance with fast-paced city life. Words can be limiting — it would be so much easier to show you in a picture! Here are a few &hellip...


Announcing MobileCoin Radio: a place to host artistic conversation

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of MobileCoin Radio. The first broadcast will air on our Twitch page, Friday, January 29th at 5pm Pacific time, featuring performances by Marty O’Reilly, Joliet4, and Graham Patzner. The act of creation requires privacy. We need private space to transform inspiration...